#DamCX Race is Coming Up Oct 29/30

We’re very excited to be hosting two races this year at Pittock Park Conservation Area in Woodstock.  Dam ‘Cross is part of the O-Cup series and will feature a challenging new course and will have a few changes which we’re very excited about.  Thanks to some amazing new sponsors, like the United Lumber & Truss, we’re able to build a stair run up flyover!  It’s a monster and will truly test your legs!

maD ‘Cross is a new race for 2016 replacing the civilian race which was Dam ‘Cross last year.  Being so close to Halloween, we’re having a “best costume prize” and even toying with a few more benefits for those who dress up (like call ups, race course short cuts, and time bonuses).  We’re going to have more fun with this race and, since there’s no O-Cup “pressure”, it’s a great race for those new to cyclocross.  Feel free to forward this email to any friends you have that want to give ‘Cross a try!  Mountain bikes are welcome!

Cant wait to see you all out there.