Service Packages


Basic Tune Up                                                                   $59.99


-Brake Adjustment                 -Safety Check (i.e. Water Bottle Cages, Lights, Computer, ETC)

-Gear Adjustment                   -Inflate & Inspect Tires

-Lube All Cables & Housing


Drivetrain Package                                                          $49.99


-Solvent Chain Cleaning                           -Correct Torque Specs for Bottom Bracket & Cranks

-Detail Cleaning of Both Derailleurs         -Shifter & Derailleur Adjustment

-Detail Cleaning of the Cranks                 -Lube Shifter Cables & Housing


Advanced Tune Up                                                       $79.99

Includes all Basic Tune Up Services Plus:                                                                                       

-Wash/Clean & Degrease of Entire Bike                         -Comprehensive Wheel True

-Headset Adjustment                                                      -Discounted Labour Rates on Part Installations

-Bottom Bracket Adjustment


Pro Tune Up                                                                   $99.99

Includes all Advanced Tune-Up Services Plus Drivetrain Package:

-No Charge Labour on Part Installations

-Removal of Bottom Bracket for Detailing & Cleaning




Flat Tire Change                                             $12 .00

Flat Tire Change on Internal Gear Bike          $15.00 – $20.00

Wheel True                                                     Start @ $25.00 FRT/ $30.00 REAR

Spoke Replacement(per spoke)                      $2.00 BLK/$1.75 SILVER (per spoke) + Wheel True

Wheel Build                                                    $40.00 ea/$75.00 pair

Hub Adjustment                                              $10.00 FRT/ $15.00 REAR

Hub Overhaul                                                  $20.00 FRT/ $25.00 REAR



Brake Adjustment                                           $15.00

Brake Pad Replacement                                $15.00/pair

Install Brake Cable & Adjust                           $20.00

Disc Brake Bleed                                                $25.00per/$40.00 pair

Hyd. Disc Brake Hose Installation                  $40.00 per/$55.00 pair


Derailleurs & Shifters

Derailleur Adjustment                                      $15.00

Install Shifter Cable & Adjust                          $20.00

Internal Gear Adjustment                               $20.00

Shifter Install & Adjustment                           $20.00 ea/$35.00 pair

Chain & Cassette

New Chain Installation(includes gear adjustment)                  $15.00

New Cass/FW Installation(includes gear adjustment)            $15.00


Accessory Installations

Fenders (Full Wrap Style)                               $20.00

Racks                                                           $15.00

Computer Installation                                      $10.00 Wireless/$15.00 Wired

Training Wheel Installation                              $20.00



Suspension Fork Service

$40.00-$60.00 (Cleaning & New Oil)  *Frequency Every 6 months

$100.00-$165.00 (Cleaning, New Oil & New Seals)  *Frequency Yearly

$50.00-$100.00 (Suspension Cartridge Service)  *Frequency Yearly

$35.00 (Rear air can clean & Lube)

$125.00-$190 (Full rear shock service)


Road Bike Handlebar Wrap                            $15.00 + Tape

Tubeless Conversions                                      $35.00-50.00/wheel (Includes Tape,Valves & Extra Sealant)

Basic Bike Fit                                                   $100.00

Basic MTB Fit                                                  $130.00

Retul Bike Fit                                                   $300.00

Suspension Set Up                                           $40.00 (Exact sag % to the mm based on bike,rider & trails)

Box Bike Up(includes bike box)                        $40.00

Build Boxed Bike                                             $70.00

Bike Travel Bag Rental                       $10/day or $55/week (Evoc Bike Travel Bags) Please call to book