5 Christmas gift ideas for the road cyclists in your life!

1. Dznuts Chamois Cream/Chamois Butt’r

Speaking of saving your ass… chamois cream can be a real lifesaver for long days. For short rides, your giftee shouldn’t need it if they have good bib shorts, but for longer days in the saddle, it’s usually a good idea.

Dznuts continues the fine tradition of sophomoric humor, which began with Chamois Butt’r. But dumb jokes aside, we like this chamois cream because it has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients for taking care of your skin.

In addition to reducing chafing, this cream can help treat irritated skin. Sometimes we will use it after long rides to rejuvenate skin.

  • Price:  $29/$36

2. Cycling socks

Buying a tie for someone: not very likely to please. Buying new socks for a roadie: nearly guaranteed to please.

For fun, loud styles, you have Sako7 -Bon Courage.  For a cleaner simpler look you have the Louis Garneau- Course & for the colder weather the Specialized- Winter Wool.

  • Price from: $18/$24/$30

3. Garmin Edge 520

This is the best GPS cycling computer on the market. The Edge 520 displays a wealth of metrics in user-configurable screens. It quickly finds a GPS and/or GLONASS signal. It easily pairs with heart rate monitors, power meters and smartphones. It uploads rides automatically when paired to a phone. And, if the rider is so inclined, they can track their Strava efforts in real time.

  • Price: $400 unit/$550 Bundle

4. Power meters

Quantifying power is the easiest and best way to both train and to know whether or not the training is working.

Today there are scores of power meters on the market, with the likes of Stages and Pioneer offering relatively inexpensive access to watt measurement. Installation on many meters is fairly straightforward, but make sure you get one that is compatible with the target bike.

  • Price: $500/$1300

5. Bike Fit

True Fit – using Retul 3D motion capture

To truly maximize your experience on your bike this is the option for you.  Most fitters are limited to observing a rider in motion then taking measurements once they stop pedaling.  Using advanced 3D motion capture technology from Retul and the Specialized Body Geometry fitting system we can measure your riding position while you are riding.  We can use this technology to measure minute imbalances and make necessary changes to correct your position and improve both your comfort and your power.

This involves a pre fit physical assessment to better understand your body’s strengths and weaknesses, you are then marked with infrared LED markers that system tracks.  Depending on the riders goals we can assess position at multiple power levels, basically observing the changes between “going hard” and “easy pedaling”.

At the end of the session, typically a 2-3 hour process, we will email you an easy to read report detailing your position and bike measurements to the millimeter.

A second bike can be done for $150 at the same session.

  • Price: $300